This documentary film is about the life and work of Dr. Andrija Puharich, a man whose ideas and achievements in science and alternative research have been greatly overlooked. To quote the author Stuart Holroyd, Puharich's "academic and career credentials as a scientist are impeccable. He has been prolific of invention and innovation in the fields of medical electronics, neurophysiology, biocybernetics, ESP research, and holds fifty-six U.S. and foreign patents for his inventions. Such work could only have been accomplished by a man who was scientifically scrupulous, patient, diligent and attentive to detail." 

What, then, made such a respectable member of the scientific community turn all his efforts towards a 30 year in-depth research journey into the human mind and its psychic potential, risking his reputation and making himself a target to mockery and ridicule? On the contrary, why are Pulitzer and Nobel prize winning writers and academics still talking about Puharich and his work to this day? This documentary will take a serious, unbiased look at Puharich's life and work with an emphasis on individuals alive today whose lives have been greatly effected by Puharich. Never been seen photographs, videos, work and handwritten journals will guide the viewer on a journey through the bizarre, captivating world of Andrija Puharich. 

For whatever may be said against Puharich, he is certainly very intelligent, extremely well read and highly enterprising.” - Aldous Huxley

Puharich has abandoned a bright economical future, and now follows an ideal. In time, he may reach his goals, or he may not. But he is… treading the hard road that led to the greatness of this nation.” - New York Times